THE MAGGIOLATA FESTIVAL – Festa dei Fiori (Flower Festival)

“The Maggiolata” is Lucignano’s Flower Festival, a tribute to the coming of the summer season.


The Maggiolata is a village festival, which takes place every year on the last two Sundays in May in this charming medieval country village. Lucignano streets have a rare elliptical layout, narrow streets, alleys, arches, towering old town gates and medieval walls. During the Festival, the magic atmosphere of the village, its elements of surprise, its harmony and colours are enhanced by the presence of flowers everywhere.  Yellow is the predominant colour of the decorations as Spanish broom – in the area Broom is called “maggio” (May) – the plant which has always been used primarily to herald the season.

It is the best time to discover and appreciate this part of the world and its beauties, and to witness a beautiful event. Be sure not to miss it!


The Maggiolata has its own place in the history of antique Tuscan celebrations for the arrival of the richest season.

The inhabitants of the four parts into which the village is divided – rioni – build floats which are covered with thousands of fresh carnations, and compete for the coveted prize –  “Il Grifo d’Oro” – the Golden Griffon.  The parade of the beflowered floats takes place in the main street of the village, accompanied by a historical medieval parade, flag throwers, trumpets and drummers, as well as folk groups and marching bands from other parts of Italy and from abroad. The colourful village delights the eye.


Every year, at the end of May, the silence of the streets and of the old stone houses, the peaceful cool shadow of religious buildings and of the ancient town hall is charmed by the sounds of this festival, bringing joy and happiness to its visitors and inhabitants.


If you are looking for specially freshly prepared traditional Tuscan cuisine and rich local Chianina meat, a special stand placed in the public garden of the village will be pleased to welcome you on each evening of the Maggiolata week, as well as at lunchtime on the Sundays themselves.

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