The folk group Lucignano

The Folklore Group of Lucignano

Folk dance group of Lucignano

The “Folkloric Group of Lucignano” was founded around 1937 by the merging of smali groups which had been taking pafl in the traditional “Maggiolata” (the May-feast that occurs every year at Lucignano, an artistic medieval village in the countryside of Arezzo, in Tuscany).
For the considerable research and study activity conducted over the past years, the Group represents a valid point of reference for the protection o! the Tuscan popular traditions and their propagation in Italy and in the world.
The Group’s performance truly reflects the various stages of the traditional Tuscan civifization strictly connected to the land through a large repertoire of songs, music and dances covering a time span o! four centuries. The reference period chosen for the clothes Is the golden age of the “Granducato di Toscana” corresponding to the second half of 18th century.
The prograanme of the Group is implemented by a historical performance Renaissance dances  the FIorentine period of Medici with clothes of the l5 century.

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