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It is not easy to present Lucignano in a few lines. Trace the profile or tell the story; Present it in a few simple lines.
This small medieval village, situated on the summit of a gentle hill of Val di Chiana, right on the border between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena, which the sun is surprising since the early morning and the wind caresses, constitutes a sort of refuge of the soul.
Its elliptical narrow streets, the square squares of the houses, the wise geometry of its urban layout, the colors and sounds of its enchanted spaces are a definite, constant reference to an idea of a fantastic place where they live in perfectly symbiotic Constant recall of memory and the prattling prune of the pride of living in a place like this.
Lucignano is therefore a dream that becomes a real reality: it is enough to enter its town center, pass the ancient gates and enter the streets and squares that lead to its summit, where – almost for a weird play of allegories – there are present Symbols of the two eternal powers: the religious one, with the Monumental Churches of the Collegiate of St. Michael the Archangel and of St. Francis and the civilian, well represented by the ancient, majestic Palazzo Pretorio.
And then, it’s really possible to swap this dream site, this land of submerged charms and authentic surprises, with the last useful legacy of symbolisms.
Lucignano, therefore, as the place of the soul. Country of dream and life, in a game of magical contradictions, which time forsakes forever …
The millennial history of ancient lands like this blends and almost confuses with the obvious testimony of a religious presence as discreet as fascinating. And Lucignano, with its characteristic concentric form that seems to betray at all times a continuous and enveloping call to the summit, with the monumental episode of the late sixteenth century Collegiate (which sums up and synthesizes – in the famous image of the ellipsoidal chapel – history and The urban form of the country) really lives this particular “communion”, this very special tension towards the High, meeting the Mystery …
In fact, a great art critic recently defined Lucignano as one of the last examples of “places of the aura”, meaning perhaps that means the beauty of the place and the sacral uniqueness of its conformation, Emotional, almost deputy place for acute and suffering, maybe prophetic reflections ….

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