The Maggiolata and the Earthquake

As requested by the Associazione Maggiolata and approved by the Municipal Authorities, it has been proposed to set up in Lucignano a means of helping the populations that have suffered from the recent earthquake in central Italy, and in particular Amatrice, which regrettably have continued to undergo damage from further earth tremors.After discussions with local organizations, it has been agreed to create a committee which will promote activities with the aim of assisting the victims, under the aegis of the Municipal Authorities in order to facilitate the creation of a trust with the specific title for the disaster fund of “Lucignano for the earthquake”.The task of the local committee (and of the Associazione Maggiolata in the first instance) is thus to collect monies by means of a series of activities which will permit the constitution of a fund of some consistency to destine to the victims in Central Italy who have suffered from the earthquake.Amongst these activities, one should remember the ongoing lottery with prizes which has taken place during the “Memorie del Passato” and the “Fiera del Ceppo”. It will continue until the end of the 2017 Maggiolata when the funds will be presented to representatives indicated by the “Consulta Provinciale della Protezione Civile” (civil defence).During 2017, other fund raising activities will take place and a special dinner has already been planned, the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to the fund.All monies collected will be accounted for and the population will be promptly informed as to the total amount and its final destination.

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