Maggiolata 80th anniversary

The 2017 theme for the floats has been made known.

Every year, the Associazione Maggiolata in close co-operation with the representatives of the four “rioni” – districts -, decides which will be the theme of the next edition and the rioni must adhere to this theme in order to prepare the floats that will take part in the parade on the last two Sundays in May as well as on the evening edition on the Tuesday in between.

This procedure is a recent one and has permitted the rioni to express their abilities and skills in the best way. It has also eased the complex work of the jury in their examination and judgement of the floats, which is done in total autonomy prior to issuing the final the final verdict. This verdict is made known to the Chairman of the Associazione Maggiolata and then proclaimed to the public on the last evening of the festival.

For 2017, the 80th anniversary of the festival, the chosen theme is: “The 80 years of the Maggiolata”. This important festival represents the flower festival of Lucignano, which merits particular emphasis.

Regarding the theme chosen for this Maggiolata, one should state that it is a subject which is worthy of the value of this regular recurrence which the proposers want to be due homage to the long history as they characterise the very life of Lucignano, made up of affection and devotion for the values of the festival, represented by popular tradition, music and dance which have always been principal features of the Maggiolata.

It will be very interesting to see and value what will derive from the creativity and feeling of the contradaioli.

An essential aspect is the memory of elements from past editions of the festival, which represent the history of the festival in the minds and hearts of the Lucignanesi.

It will be fascinating should there be floats, on 21st, 23rd and 28th of May, perhaps modified, which will remind us of past parades allowing us to relive past emotions.

 Thus the word is being passed on to the dozens of contradaioli who from January onwards, meet every evening in the sites dedicated to the construction of the floats in order to complete their work.

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